Mother Nature loves green best it seems. She covers the best parts of this world with it! It collects where things are moist and lush and reflects the growth within each of us…






We dedicated this show to Prince. A beautiful and prolific artist with voice to be remembered for the ages.

Sharon Rackham King and Holly Campbell joined the gallery in April.

Purple had 7 contributing artists. We had about 103 guests. 















image image image image image image image image imageOur launch was a huge success. Over 60 guests came through the exhibit. Mario Valella provided some beautiful delicacies. Artists Trey Phillips, Christy & Rick Guinan, Lloyd Braunberger and Marnie Zoa provided artwork for the show. YELLOW will hang through April 8th, 2016

Voices is celebrating the color wheel until October. In April we celebrate PURPLE.